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Tips For Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

One of the common complaints of many pregnant out there during their 5 – 8 months of carrying offspring to their wombs is back pain. This pain can be caused by gaining weight, center of gravity modifications, and the hormones are relaxing the ligaments into the pelvis. However, this can be prevented during pregnancy. So, if you don’t want to experience that kind of pain or if you are currently experiencing this pain on your back. Start to change your lifestyle and follow the simple tips given below!

Exercise Good Posture

The center of gravity shifts forward when your baby grows. So, you’ll have to practice yourself in doing what is necessary. This will probably help you to restrain from experiencing back pain. Just always stand up straight, hold your chest high, always keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t even lock your knees. When you are going to stand just simply find the comfortable wide stance for the best support. If you are going to stand for a longer time, for example 10- 20 minutes, just rest one foot on a low step stool. When you walk, always take time for more breaks. Then, when you sit, always sit with care. Select a chair that will support your back well or you may utilize a small pillow behind your lower back to protect your back from experiencing too much pain.

Wear Proper Gear

Do not wear flat shoes/slipper but wear low-heeled shoes. You can also wear maternity support belt.

Lift Properly

Of course, when you lift small items or objects, just squat down and lift with your legs. Never bend or lift that item using your back. It is important as well to know your limitations.. You can actually ask help if necessary.

Sleep On Your Side

Preferably, sleep not on your back but on your side instead. You should keep your both knees bent. You can also put pillows between your knees for better relief. Alternatively, you can put pillow behind your back as well.

Physical Activities

Regular activities can keep your muscles strong and this is a big help to relieve back pain during pregnancy. You can actually try simple and gentle activities like walking and water exercises. You can also ask your doctor for other physical workouts that suitable during pregnancy.

However, do not forget to consult to your doctor if the tips above won’t work. For sure, they can give you the proper medication for this pain.

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