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Pilates – strong back, perfect posture, body beautiful

Pilates offers an excellent way of exercising the muscles that are crucial in helping build a strong and healthy back. Going regularly to a Pilates class will give you a new awareness of your body and how to control it. Many women go to Pilates classes because of the lean, elegant physique that the exercises tend to encourage. Whereas working out in a gym tends to produce a bulky physique, practitioners of Pilates seem to end up with a much more slender physique.

This is not that surprising, considering the origins of Pilates. It was Joseph Pilates who introduced his theories in the 1920s to helping ballet dancers improve their muscular strength and body control. So if the physique of a ballet dancer is one that you aspire to, then perhaps Pilates is the exercise for you.

The great thing is that the very same exercises that will produce that lean physique will also help you strengthen the muscles that will support your back and help overcome chronic back pain. Pilates has tended to be most popular with women, but the core strengthening benefits of the exercises have started to attract the attention of professional sportsmen and their coaches. Tennis players, track and field athletes and even the world-beating England Rugby Team are not incorporating Pilates-based exercises into their training regimes.

Some of the exercises in Pilates appear deceptively simple, but the key to these exercises is to do them in a very precise and specific way. Nearly all of us have some muscles that are overstrong, and other muscle sets that are underused and therefore have very little strength. Doing Pilates exercises on a consistent basis will help strengthen the underused muscles and get the body working in a much more balanced and efficient manner. So if you want to overcome your back pain and build the body beautiful at the same time, then Pilates is an option well worth considering.


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