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Hernia Of The Intervertebral Disc

Hernia of the intervertebral disc – a phenomenon which is breaking the shell disk and exit fibrous contents in the spinal canal, which leads to pinched nerve, inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues and other dangerous pathological effects.
Herniation of intervertebral disk may be manifested in the form of the following symptoms:

-severe pain, which often occurs when it is tilted at the same time turning to the side, often in conjunction with weight lifting, “chamber”;
-restriction of mobility of spine;

-autonomic disorders of the skin (violation of tone and skin temperature, dryness, etc.);

-numbness of fingers and toes;
-pain in the leg, passing more often on the back and less on the anterior and lateral thigh to the foot

Physiotherapy in the acute period of the disease should be undertaken with extreme caution, but you’re better off to postpone the exercises until such time when there will be completely removed symptoms of compression of the nerve. But during recovery exercises should be carried out to avoid the repeated attacks of illness. We should remember the main rule: exercises are performed slowly and cautiously, and in no case can not do those exercises that cause a sharp pain. Allowed only the appearance of moderate discomfort caused by the inclusion in the work previously nactive, “stagnant” muscles.

Lumbar hernia bandage at the lumbar spine in the acute phase of illness should be applied all the time that the patient is in an upright position, and removed the period of rest. It allows you to relax muscles, and in addition, prevents the load on the discs during walking, tilting, lifting heavy objects.

during the first six months after the start of treatment should be required to wear a bandage during the execution of physical work, even after the removal of all symptoms. But it is necessary to regularly find time to do exercises to enhance and strengthen the muscles of waist and abdomen.

When a person becomes sick and starts looking for ways to solve their problems, it immediately picks up the torrent of advertising that offers various medical and pseudomedical treatment. Advertising tells about new superlekarstvah and superpriborah supposedly capable cured nearly three days.

But we must understand that in the treatment of intervertebral hernias all long since been invented, and vaunted innovations often are only variations of well-known and proven methods of treatment. And most of all drugs such as advertised, have long been found in every drugstore and are inexpensive. Why overpay for them?

Ultimately, each patient with a large posterior or posterolateral disc herniation have two choices of treatment:
either work hard for his recovery pain elimination, or surgery – and again the hard work in the postoperative period for a speedy recovery Hernia of the intervertebral disc

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