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Don’t just let yourself be manipulated!

One of the myths about back pain is that it always needs hands-on manipulation such as physiotherapy to make you better. Now, it would be foolish to argue against manipulation being a good approach for back pain. There is certainly a place for manipulation to get people back to normal, but it is not the be-all and end-all.

Have you ever had physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic or some other back treatment in the past? Did you stride out of the treatment room feeling like you were walking on air, with new-found flexibility in your joints, only to go back a month, week or even a day later with exactly the same problem?

Physiotherapy and other forms of manipulation like chiropractic and osteopathy can have a really beneficial effect in helping free up the areas that are stiff, tense or haven’t moved for a while. However, freeing up the problem areas and increasing their mobility is just the first part of the equation. Why did these areas become a problem in the first place?

It is far more effective to combine specialist treatment with educating you, the patient, to start taking better care of yourself in the way you go about your everyday life. The eventual goal should be to have adopted new habits through regular exercises, to the point where you are no longer reliant on being cricked back into shape by the physiotherapist.


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